Sunday, December 28, 2014

Closing out 2014

Hello again :)

My my, how time flies!  As I reflect on 2014 and prepare for another year ahead, I find myself feeling so grateful and blessed.  I am surrounded by wonderful family, a great group of friends, a loving husband, two awesome little ones, a lovely roof over my head and a supportive and never failing God.  2014 was good to us. Life is good and when the days are busy and chaotic, I have to remind myself of this.

Life has been super busy since I went back to work in August.  There are so many days I struggle and so many days when I want to be a better mommy, better wife and better librarian.  However, we all know that perfection is hard to come by.   My husband reminds me daily that we do what we can and assures me that I'm the best mommy for Harper and Gunner.   You just can't help to always want to try harder and do more.

Harper is a thriving 3.5 year old and impresses us daily with her smart skills.  She's funny, entertaining, at times hard headed but over all a sweet, sweet girl.  She's involved in dancing, loves to sing and dance, obsessed with My Little Pony, still so artsy and admires all princesses.  Not to mention she is the best big sister a little brother (and Mommy and Daddy) could ask for.    I'm so proud of her and look forward to the bright future ahead of her.  

Our Gunner Scott is 7 months old and ALL BOY.  I'm so sad that I have not been blogging about him because I love looking back and reading old posts about Harper.  I'm making it a goal in 2015 to document more of his life.  It's so strange how two children from the same mother and father can be so different but it's oh so true.  He is a bruiser and not afraid of anything.  I'm already getting grey hair from the boy but he does love his mother SOOO much.  I would say he's quite the "Momma's Boy".  He is crawling, pulling up and everywhere in our house.  Poor boy hits his head daily and I cannot take my eyes off of him EVER.  It would be awesome if I could just cage him up and make him  wear a helmet  24/7 :)    Maybe one day he'll grow up to be the next JJ Watt.

Scott and I are have our 5th wedding anniversary coming up and even though I could really hurt him at times,   he is my best friend and biggest supporter.  I could not be without him but I could live without his love of hunting!   He's been super busy this fall as he took on a second job and is a duck guide for Red Bluff Prairie Hunting Club in Garwood.  He also recently made a big truck purchase so he's pretty proud.  

I love my job as the Librarian at Tomball Junior High.  Still trying to update a dated library but absolutely love what I do everyday.  I'll never find enough time to read all the books that I want to but it never hurts to try.  And I  seriously can't complain about my mile round trip commute to daycare, work and home.

Here's to 2015!  To health, love and happiness!  Cheers my friends .  

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