Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sweet Nursery and the 38th Week

This weekend we celebrated Mother's Day and it was wonderful.  Just missed seeing my mom but she'll be here soon once the baby makes his or her appearance.  This week will also be my last full week at work so I'm really looking forward to that.

I also finished the nursery.  It turned out so super sweet.  Thank you to my Mom and sister-in-law for helping me along the way.  I appreciate all your help.

Of course, the bows will stay or go depending on the gender of the baby :)
I'm adding a  monogrammed letter above the crib once the baby comes. 

Pictures before church this morning.  
38 Weeks 

 Two Friedrichs' Babies!  Baby Evelyn will be here in August and my brother and Alyson's baby will be here in June! Can't wait for all the little ones.  

Enjoying lots of time with our Harper

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