Monday, July 15, 2013

Surfside Beach

In June we went to Surfside Beach to celebrate Alyson's Mom and Dad's Retirement.  We had a fun weekend even though Harper was diagnosed with double earaches and strep throat the morning we left.  Once she was on her meds she was good to go and we decided to make the trip down anyways.  It was her first time at the beach since last summer and she did not like the seaweed.  She called it "bugs".  She wasn't a fan of the water either but after awhile she warmed up.

Being silly in the hotel room.
 No smile for Harper
 Not sure of the water
 Eating Breakfast and watching kites
 This girl loves her watermelon

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wow!  I really feel like I need to update because I want to remember all of these sweet memories we are making! We are finally home after traveling for a week or so.

Summer has been BUSY for us but we are having so much FUN! I'll be posting about all our little adventures we've had.  I don't want to forget them!

Since Harper's 2nd birthday I feel like she's grown into a little lady.  She can carry on a conversation and when I ask her to do stuff for me, she does it!  It's crazy.  Scott and I are amazed at the things she does and says and we are entertained daily.  She can be a stinker at times but then she can be really sweet too.  She's also super silly and loves to laugh.  When first meeting people, she's really shy and takes a while to warm up but then it's game on!

Harper goes to school Tuesday and Thursdays during the summer for a little while.  She's been crying almost everyday I drop her off and it breaks my heart but I know it's good for her.  We've been doing a lot of swimming, playing and running around on the days she's not at school.

Her favorites right now are play-doh, Popsicles, Mickey (of course), babies (Kelly), books, drawing on her easel, playing outside on her slide, playhouse and sandbox, bubbles (mess), Honey (our dog and her best friend), singing (random tunes but also Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), screaming randomly, dancing,  and playing Hide and Seek (especially in my closet).

She does not like Daddy's Lawnmower and the vacuum right now.

We're not potty trained yet and I don't think she's quite ready.  We do panties at home but have accidents frequently.  She always tells me after the fact that she goes.  I think it's coming soon but she's not there yet.

The other day she surprised me and counted to 16.  I asked her where she learned that and she responded with, "Mickey", but it's really from counting our stairs in the house.  She can also sing her ABC's which is so precious to hear in her little Harper voice.