Monday, April 29, 2013

Bluebonnet Pictures

Easter Day we were out at my family's farm so Harper and I had a little bluebonnet shoot.  

Harper out at Circle K at 22 months. 

She's a little diva girl and I love it. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big Girl Bed

I'm so behind on post, its sad.  I'm going to look back and be so mad at myself that I haven't documented this fun time in our life.

I always say that whatever stage or age Harper is in, is the best but right now she truly is so fun.  She repeats EVERYTHING and is a really funny little girl.  She's lightened up a little on her stubbornness and is turning into a pretty easy going little girl.  She has been listening really well for us lately and is soaking in everything.

Her favorites right now are music, bubbles, bath time, coloring/colors, Mickey, babies, doors (she likes them CLOSED), outside, and bows.  Some funny sayings that she says are "Oh my gosh" and "Whoa, big toot"!!

Over spring break, we transitioned into a big girl bed.  It was not planned at all but she decided to start throwing herself out and I was so scared she was going to break her neck!  Her room is upstairs and it sounded horrible when she would crawl out and fall.  After some words of encouragement from Traci  and two rough nights, she is good to go and loves her bed.  She tries to pack everything in it and still gets out every now and then.  We close the door and put the gate up so she can't escape.  She'll cry a little and then put her little booty back in bed.  She then covers her head with her blankie and goes back to lay down. It's so sweet and she's growing up ;(

Monday, April 1, 2013

Scott's 30th Birthday Bash

My husband's everyday/work attire consist of fishing shirts or t shirts. He really could care less about his clothing and rarely buys anything new, which is quite annoying at times.  He likes to "dress up" when we party; jorts and hog's tooth necklace included.  His "party attire" is very amusing so for his 30th Birthday Bash we asked people to come int their best "Scott Attire".  We partied at Leo's in Nada and had a great time.