Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Harper slept later than normal on Christmas Morning and I couldn't wait for her to wake up. I was so excited for her to see what Santa had brought. Here is sleepy head checking out her goods.


We played for a little while and then packed up (or packed what we could!) and headed back to Tomball.  We had lunch and Memaws and then exchanged gifts with the Froehlichs.  Once again, I didn't get many pictures :(  

Harper had her baby, Yelmo, and Micky ready for the drive.

Finally Christmas evening we had our last Christmas with Lita and Ricktopher (Papa). 

Exhausted after a blessed Christmas!
 Papa and his Grandpups

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Samantha Prochaska said...

LOL! I love the video of her on the 4 wheeler. Our video is the same way "Push the button." HAHA