Friday, November 16, 2012

Back on Track

The last couple of months have been pretty rough for Harper.  

On October 18th, Harper's temperature spiked suddenly due to an ear infection and she had another febrile seizure.  Scott was home with her and was in complete panic.  I was on my way home from work and once I got home, we took off for the ER.  I will never ever forget the way she looks during this scary time.  It's as though I'm living in a dream.  Seeing an unresponsive baby is absolutely horrible.  After a long night in the ER with a screaming baby and her temperature under control we were sent home.  She was on heavy antibiotics for about a week and so fussy and not herself.  Once we finished the meds, I knew something else was wrong so the day after Halloween, Harper was diagnosed with a yeast infection (most likely due to the antibiotics).  JOY.  She also was teething miserably and was pretty much a monster :(  This affected her sleep at night and she would wake up screaming in pain.  At daycare, they also said she would just start crying and whimpering for no reason which is not like my happy baby at all.  Her infection has cleared and finally I think the teething is calming down.  I think we are finally back on track.  She is also sleeping through the night again (THANK GOODNESS) and acting like herself.  Well, besides the fact that she is super independent, sassy and Miss. Attitude.  She's also a big bully and bit my nephew on his birthday!! GEEZ!  We're also at the stage, we're we try to avoid restaurants because she just won't sit still.  I love my baby to death but she's a handful.  I have no idea where this comes from :) 

On the other hand, she is super smart and her skills just impress me everyday!  She loves books and has her favorites that we have to read every night over and OVER.  Her vocab is amazing and she can even identify colors.  She is growing up and absorbing everything around her.  It's amazing.  I love my fireball!

School Picture.  
Wish I would have known what the background was so I could have matched her. 
Tomball Homecoming Parade with Dada
 Gigi and Harper
 Wild thing.  You make my heart sing.
 Stinker.  Up to no good.
 Momma and Harper
 Playing with Momma's hat
 She LOVES the iPad and watching nursery rhymes.
 Party girl.
 Made this at school. 
 Pumpkin girl.
 Loving on Wade.  
 Wearing Aunt Digga's shoes.
 This was Harper the day after she had her second febrile seizure :(

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Traci & Charlie said...

She's just so cute. Love our sassy independent girls. Good for when they're 20