Sunday, October 21, 2012

El Campo Pumpkin Patch

First of all, I'm super behind on blogging :(  I love looking back at my past posts as the years go on so I hope to catch up soon.

Lots of things going on with the Friedrichs.  We've been busy and Harper seems to be growing like a weed. She only weighs 24 pounds at 16 months- only 1/2 pound less than her 12 month old cousin! Her vocabulary is growing and she impresses me everyday.  I'm so proud of her and all that she learning.  

Her personality is also getting stronger and stronger every day too.  She's very strong willed which is good and bad at times.  She's also VERY dramatic which I can thank Scott and the Friedrichs side for :)  Her entire class at school is having a "biting" issue so that has not been fun.  I spoke with her school and they assure me she is not a "bully" but I tend to think otherwise :)  I just want her to be the sweet little girl I know she can be!  

Also, I'll update soon on my weight loss journey.  I'm actually doing really well.  I have never been this proud of myself in a long time.  It's really crazy what you can push your body to do when you are motivated and determined. I want to be a hot, healthy mom!  I have too many good friends that are beautiful, skinny and fit for me to let myself go.  

And now here are the pictures from the Pumpkin Patch in El Campo from last weekend.  Harper was in a typical "I'm independent" mood so not many of her smiling :)

Harper was 6 months old at her first Pumpkin Patch and this year she was 16 months. 
She loved these head shots because she could climb up on the ladders and be a "big girl".

 Cutest little nephew EVER!

 Wade, Emily and Cole.
Harper did not want to take part at the time.
 Addison, Willia and Harper.  
 Tractor drivin' fool!


 At home, playing with baby doll.

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