Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday and Rav

This past weekend we stayed in Tomball and did some family things.  We went to sweet Anniston's birthday party on Saturday and we finally sold my old car.  I've had the Tahoe since January and we've just been hanging on to the RAV.  I was sort of sad to see it go.  I mean I had it for 11 years and it was my first car. 

Goodbye Rav.  You were so good to me!!
How cute is Miss Anniston!  Her Momma loves big bows too!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

We took Harper to the Circus on Sunday.  I was a little worried about her making it through the whole show since it would be during her nap time.  We only had to leave about 10 minutes early because she was ready to crash.  She really enjoyed seeing the animals and all the action.  She was pointing and yelling at everything.
She has started to pick her nose and thinks it's hilarious.  I, of course, hate it!
 She was motioning for the elephants to "come here" as if they were her dogs.
 I think the elephants were her favorite.  She kept wanting to turn around and not smile for a picture!
 This one was showing off and laying his trunk on the tree stump.
 They look sweet, right??
 Getting her first tatoo!
 She couldn't figure it out.

She had so much fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July is Flying By!

I can't believe we're at the end of July already!  Time is just flying by.  Last weekend we went to Nada and spent time with the Hoffmans.

While I was taking a shower last week, Scott was supposed to be watching Harper.  This is what they do when I'm not there.  A swim diaper makes a nice hat!
 Love her sweet curls!
 Harper has mastered going up the stairs but we're still working on sliding down them.  
 I had to take this little baby to the vet last week.  $270 later, she was diagnosed with bacteria infections in both ears.  :(
 On Sunday, Harper fell asleep at the table during lunch!  She has never done this before and it was so funny.
 We helped Mom with her yard and moved some rock around for her.  Harper got to ride in the tractor with Daddy.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weight Loss Update

Well, I wrote my Weight Loss Story on June 4th and I did nothing until June 26th.

On June 26th I joined Weight Watchers and as of my last weigh in (Monday) I have lost 10.4 pounds.  

It's a start and I still feel motivated.  I actually feel great!

I've turned my eating around and count points/calories almost daily.  I'm drinking way more water than before.  PS- I hate water.

And finally, I started MOVING!  I either walk/jog in the early mornings outside or on the treadmill during Harper's naps.  I am NOT a runner but I'm trying!  I can do two miles of walking with minutes of interval running and I'm so proud of myself.  I'm also doing a little weight training for my arms but I need to get the cardio down because it's truly what I suck at. 

I have not felt a difference in my clothes but I still have a lot to loose. 

I took "before" pictures but I'm not brave enough to post those yet.  Maybe once I have something to truly compare to, then I'll gain the courage.

Motivation that keeps me going....
Pandora's Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Station (Ironically it puts Harper to sleep, but pumps me up!)
Audio Books while on the treadmill
Feeling the sweat pour off me is kind of exhilarating!
Weighing in at WW and "celebrating" every 5 lbs loss.
Mama Laughlin's Blog - She's honest, funny and real.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday we met my parents, brother, sis, and nephew in Sugarland to celebrate me and my Dad's birthday.  
28 years ago I was born on my Dad's birthday, how cool is that!?
  I love to see Wade and Harper interact.  They are so cute together!
Tonight, Scott and I get a date night and we're going to see a movie!  We haven't been to the movies together since before Harper was born.  Yippee!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week Adventures

Nothing really exciting going on so I'll bore you with pictures from last week.  

On our way to swim lessons.
We had lunch at the Whistle Stop with Aunt Digga and Aunt La! Then we did a little shopping.
We met my Mom at the Galleria and Harper loved the water fountain.
She also LOVED the Disney Store.
Trying to drink coffee like Mommy!
Miss Busy Busy

Making an octopus at library time

 We had tons of rain last week.  Harper is fascinated with rain.
And Mommy had a "Girl's Night Out"!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July at Uncle Mobo and Aunt Linny's pool. 

i love the water!
 clap, clap, clap
 blowing kisses
 me and my dad
 is there something on my head??

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Time

I really have been enjoying spending time with my baby girl this summer.  Harper is currently in swimming lessons twice a week which she thoroughly enjoys.  She loves the water and thinks it's hilarious.  We've also been going to the library and finding other little things to do.  I cannot stay in the house! I'm sure when we start back to daycare in August she'll be all drama!

Best Cousins!
Wade playing, Honey drinking water

Serious concentration 
 She doesn't know her table manners yet!  Lunch at the Whistle Stop.

Dinner in Austin
Little Cowgirl 
 Playing with her Skippy John Jones