Monday, June 4, 2012

Weight Loss

My Weight Story...

I know I'm not majorly overweight but it is finally time where I have to do something.

I've never been "little" but in high school (ten years ago!) I was a size 4 and then in college I could wear a size 6.

As college progressed, I quickly started gaining weight and I was one of "those girls" that had to wear a tankini by my Senior year.

I seem to "store" my weight in my tummy and I've always hated that.  All my friends, have awesome little bodies and still wear bikinis today with no problems.  I hate all of them!

I worked out very hard for my wedding (2.5 years ago) and had a trainer and did boot camp.  I didn't lose a lot of weight but I was pretty happy with my body.  I could wear a size 6 and wore a bikini on my honeymoon (where I didn't know anyone!).

After my pregnancies, I gained a large amount of weight which I expected.  I'm just not one of those "naturally thin" people.  After having Harper, I immediately lost 20 pounds but I still have SO MUCH to lose.

To be honest, I really have done nothing about it.  I complain but that's about it.  Work, grad school and a new baby was leaving no time for me.  Blah, blah, blah.

Summer's here and now no time for excuses.  I would love to do the boot camp again but it wasn't the cheapest.  I plan on trying to work out on my own at first and then we'll see from there.  I've starting following some awesome blogger Mommy's who are so inspiring.  My favorites are Mama Laughlin and Mrs. M's Charmed Life.  I need motivation!

I do love food though.  All of our social events usually center around food and I LOVE FOOD (and beer)!  I'm not strong enough to give up everything but I do want to cut back.

I'm not going to post my current weight or size because I'm too embarrassed to do that but if I get some results on my new adventure, you will hear about it.  I need accountability so I'll take pictures for myself and let you know any updates.   Honestly, I need to lose a good amount of weight and my goal would be 40 pounds.  YES, 40 POUNDS PEOPLE :(

Please encourage me and tell my to get my butt MOVIN'!

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Samantha Prochaska said...

Good luck dear! I know what you mean - I need motivation and it's so hard. I feel like I never have the time, but I just make excuses I think. I hope you have success!!