Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Port Aransas

Last weekend, we went to Port Aransas for our Annual Girl's Trip.  Harper and my Mom came along too which was so awesome!  Harper Lynn LOVED the beach.  I was very worried because just the weekend before she was so sick but by Wednesday she was back to her normal self.  You would have never known how terribly sick she was just the week prior. 

She loved the water and thought the waves were hilarous.  She laughed every time a wave would hit here.  We had to take turns taking her out to the beach because she wanted to go all the time.  I'm so glad all the girls were able to expierence this with her.  She didn't mind the taste of salt water or sand either :)

I would say her favorite thing about the trip other than the beach was the birds.  She kept pointing at all the seagulls and was always on the lookout for them.

And here are many pictures...

 Where's the baby??

Bird Watching

 Loving the Beach!

Beach Napping
Bernie's Nightlife

 My outfit from Juju and Bobo!
April the monkey!

 Happy Girl 

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