Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Adventure

We have been on adventure over the past few days.  

Last Thursday morning, Harper seemed pretty normal and not sick at all.  I laid her down for her morning nap and she slept from 9am-12:30, which is a very long nap for her.  I took her to Chick-fil-a and we ran some errands.  I noticed that she didn't eat much and she really didn't want to play. This is pretty unusual for her so I knew something was up.  We ran more errands and she slept every time I put her in the car.   

That evening we noticed she had two top teeth and a bottom tooth coming in.  I thought this was the reason she just wasn't her "normal" self.  We headed to Kerrville Thursday evening for  Harper's first trip to the family cabin.  She slept the entire way and didn't eat that night.

Friday morning she woke up and had a slight fever so I gave her Tylenol and she seemed fine.  Just a little fussy but I thought it was because of the teeth.  Well, my mother-in-law and I headed into town to run some errands and we grabbed some lunch.  Again, Harper didn't eat and I begin to worry.  

We put her in her car seat after lunch and headed to HEB.  All of the sudden, I heard her making sounds as if she was choking.  I called her name and she didn't look back at me.  I noticed she was turning red so I yelled and Lita pulled the car over immediately. 

We were frantic trying to get little Harper out of the car seat.  Her shoulders were convulsing and her head was hanging.  She was not responsive and she looked so lifeless.  It was the scariest moment in my whole entire life.  I just had horribly thoughts flashing through my head.  We were blowing in her face and yelling her name and within seconds, a nice man pulled over to help us and called 911.  We were near a car wash and an off duty fireman ran over with some water.  She probably seized for about two minutes.  The ambulance came quickly, and they later told me they were only 100 yards away (thank you Lord).

They hooked her up to all these machines and gave her oxygen.  It was the saddest thing to see...my little baby laying inside an ambulance on a stretcher and hooked up to all sorts of monitors.  She was starting to respond more but she still looked bad.  Her cheeks were really puffy and she just didn't look like herself.  After many questions, the paramedic and off duty fireman looked at each other and knew instantly that she probably had a febrile seizure due to a sudden rise in temperature.  Her fever was 103 :(  Basically her little body went into shock because her temperature changed so suddenly.

They took us to the hospital and we were there all afternoon.  Lita went and got Scott from the cabin since we only had one vehicle there.  Harper just laid there for the first couple of hours :(  Finally, Harper's fever came back down and she was given a shot of antibiotics for a possible bacteria infection.  It was a long day and poor baby had to have her blood drawn, two catheters inserted because she was dry the first time and a painful shot.  She was a trooper and by 6:00 she was up and walking around.

They released us and for the next two days we treated her fever with Motrin and Tylenol.  She had a continues fever Saturday and Sunday and she was barely eating anything.  Her equilibrium was also way off and she would fall every time she tried to walk.  She was so fussy and cried around.

Finally, Monday morning she woke up without a fever but she did have a rash covering her body.  Our  doctor said it was probably a reaction from the bacteria infection.  She had to have more blood work done Monday for our pediatrician just to make sure that it was a true bacteria infection.  

Harper is finally acting like her normal self today and we have been fever free for two days.  I hope we never ever have to go through this again.  I would have done anything to take the pain away for her.  

Trying to eat a Popsicle.

 Right after Harper's shot :(

So happy to be home and have no fever!
Wearing her new outfit from Aunt Linny today.


Traci & Charlie said...

I just can't imagine how you must have felt. It brings tears to my eyes reading it how scary it is. I'm so so glad Harper is feeling better. You guys enjoy yall's whole summer!!

Jennifer said...

Oh My Kinsey, that is so awful to hear and read. I am so happy she is doing much better and hopefully nothing like that will happen again.

Samantha Prochaska said...

I can only imagine how scary that was as I was getting tearred up justs reading it. I'm glad she is feeling better. Give her hugs from all of us!

The Motal's said...

Poor Harper!! I'm glad that she is back to her normal self! And good job mommy! You seemed to be in control of the situation even as scary as it was.