Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day Email

I received this email from one of my hard working, struggling students this evening. Just a sweet, kind young girl who I adore.

 This makes my job so worth it. Couldn't see myself doing anything other in the world!

  dear mrs.freidrichs 
thank you for being the best teacher in the world you are my favitore teacher .when i'm in forth grade i will come and vist you because you are the one i am going to miss the most.i love you as my teacher! one thing that i cannot belive that i am going to forth grade!i have friend but maybe i can see them on summer break i just can't stop saying that i am going to miss you so much.i will never forget you beause you are the best. and i hope you get this email your the best i will never forget you.i will have picture to you can stay in my brain forever.
emily u.

Tomorrow is our last day with the kids.  I had a busy, rambunctious group this year but I will never forget them!

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