Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Weekend

Last Friday, Harper and I headed to Eagle Lake to celebrate the life of my Great Uncle John.  It was a wonderful service and we will miss him.  My Papa lost his only brother and his dog all in the same day :(

We headed back to Tomball on Saturday for the Kleb Family Reunion.  Lots of good food, beer and cousin time.  

Look at my little girl's curly hair.  I think she's going to have my thick, wavy hair.
 Taking a wagon nap at the reunion.

 We finally were able to meet cousin Lillie!  She was born weighing only 2 lbs 10 oz and one month later she was home with her parents and weighing around 4 lbs.  She is a strong, little baby girl!

Harper is ready to escape in this picture.  She will no longer sit still EVER.  She's also rocking her new Stride Rites that we got her.

Then on Sunday, we celebrated Lillie Marie's Baptism.  Here is Miss Lilly with her Froehlich Family.  I stole this picture from Lauren's Facebook Page.  

It was a great weekend with lots of family time!

Harper has this "new" smile.  I call it the "piggy".  She scrunches up her little nose.  Not too sure what to think of it.  Just hoping she doesn't do the "piggy" in all her 1 year pictures. 

 Playing with Gumby an Pokey!

My baby girl is so full of energy right now.  She cannot be still and is always up to something.  She is a sweet baby but at times a little mischievous.  She bit cousin Wade and threw a toy at him last weekend.  I try to discipline her but when I do, she just cries because she is so sensitive.  I asked Scott the other day if all 11 month old babies are like this.  Is she just "busy" or "bad"???   

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Samantha Prochaska said...

Awww I like her little piggy smile. It's better than nothing - Charlie refuses to smile for the camera anymore! :(