Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach Baby

We took Harper for her first beach trip this past weekend.  It was a great time but Harper's cough and runny nose is back in action so she was not in the greatest mood.  She was throwing a fit when we tried to get her and Wade's pictures together in their matching outfits.  It was also our first time to stay in a hotel with Harper which was also interesting!

I did have a wonderful Mother's Day and received a beautiful bracelet from Scott and Harper. It was a great weekend!

 These kids are still infatuated with their Easter eggs.  It's the toy of choice around here!

 This man is the cutest!
Wade doesn't understand her problem!
 "I'll smile over here but I'm NOT sitting down."
 My brother and Wade

 I love this picture of me and my beach baby!

This one is for Uncle Mobo.  We took a picture on his pirate ship!

 We have a full time walker nowadays.  She races to our stairs and can climb to the first landing within seconds.  We have to use the gate all the time now.  I can't keep up with this toot.  I told Scott the other day that it is easier controlling 43 3rd graders than it is my Harper Lynn :)
This year I was lucky enough to mentor a wonderful new teacher.  Mandy teaches 3rd grade with me and was chosen as "Rookie Teacher of the Year."  I was so proud of her and honored to be her mentor!  We were invited to a board meeting tonight.
After, we went to dinner and Harper wanted to run so Scott took her out while I waited on the check.  I came to the car and found Harper with several bows on her head.  He said she kept handing them to her and wanting him to put them in her hair.  She knows what's best for her :)
AND check out the most cutest nephew in the WORLD.
 I just love his daycare picture!

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Samantha Prochaska said...

Haha I love the pic of Harper with all the bows! Also, C still plays with her Easter eggs too!!