Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Have A Walker!

Harper has been practicing steps over the last week or so but she's finally got it for the most part. She will walk to places without us looking or bribing her. She's still very wobbling but we officially have a walker. Once again, I'm so proud of her but they grow up WAY TOO FAST!!! It seems like yesterday that we at the hospital welcoming her into the world.
Here she is just cruising with her walker.
The past two nights she's been a little too brave and tried to stand up in the bath tub. She fell backwards and hit her head. DRAMA. Little Diva also tries to scoot around on her bottom and gets going to quick and fell backward and hit her head again. DRAMA. Right now, her favorite thing to do in the bath is to fill a bucket up with water and dump it on her face while trying to "drink" as much as she can. She threw up tonight during her night time milk because she "drank" too much water in the bathtub. CRAZY.
Little Lady with her skinny jeans on today.

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Samantha Prochaska said...

Aww Harper you are so precious in your skinny jeans! I cannot believe baby girl is walking already! Such a smartie pants! :)