Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Sweet Families

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, just look around and see how many things you have to be thankful for in your life.

We are blessed to have wonderful friends and family, a healthy beautiful little girl, a gorgeous home and stable careers.

Please say prayers for these two families and reflect on all the wonderful things you have in your life.

Kolby and her husband Brian lost their little boy unexpectedly in October. Carson was only 5 months old. They have organized a team for a race in San Antonio on May 12th in honor of Carson. To sign up for the race or to help make a contirbution in order for the team to reach their goal, you can visit Team Angel Wings. . I know Kolby and Brian would truly appreciate it.

Many of you have already heard about Avery's Story.. Avery's Mom worked at my apartment complex where Scott and I met in college. Unfortunately, Avery was diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Basically, Avery has only months left with her parents and they have created a bucket list for her. She is on a mission to accomplish as much as she can in her sweet, little life. Avery and her parents are so inspiring.

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clairewleczyk said...

Thanks so much for sharing Kinsey! We will keep both families in our prayers. Makes me so sad that Baby Carson got his angel wings so early. Avery is a little rockstar!!! Kudos to her mommy and daddy for all they are doing!