Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello April

Happy April and April Fool's Day!

I think Harper's ears are still giving her trouble but we managed to have
some fun despite but little girl feeling crummy off and on over the weekend.

Saturday was Scott's company picnic out in Industry. There was lots of babies and kids everywhere! Harper hung out with her friend Harper Fo.

I want to play like the big kids!
Harper and Mom
And Dad

My cool shades!

Harper and I went to church Sunday morning and then went and ate at Dairy Queen. Baby girl was smiling, waving and grabbing at anyone in site. She may not look like Scott, but the chick is a social bug just like him!

We came home and tried out her little pool. She was interested for about a full 10 minutes and then was ready to move on.

Tomorrow we'll be heading back the doctor for this vicious never ending ear cycle.

Thanks Gigi for my new bathing suit!
Get in here Honey!

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Samantha Prochaska said...

Harper is so stinkin' cute. I lover her bathing suit and hat!