Monday, April 9, 2012

Harper's First Easter

We had a wonderful Easter this year!

Harper was fussy over the weekend so we're taking her in today to see if the ear infection healed from last week. I have a feeling it's still bothering her. I'm so ready for her to feel good and get over these infections.

We went to Good Friday services at Scott's church and then had dinner with the family at El Palenque. Our sweetie was no angel and even bit me in church.

Saturday we headed to Nada and let Wade and Harper have their Easter baskets. They also had a mini Easter Egg Hunt and Harper really wasn't in the mood.

"Wade look at all this!"
"I got a dollar!"
Harper is really into giving me big, wet kisses right now~
My sweet nephew!
Then we had dinner at Memo and Popo's.
Katie and Uncle Darby took Harper to the chicken coop and she found a "real" egg.

"So this is a real egg??"
Sunday, the Easter Bunny visited Harper (even though she's been very naughty) and we went to church.
"Now where are we going?"
After church, we headed out to Circle K. Cousin Rachel (who I used to babysit) watched Harper as the big people hunted eggs.
We headed home and made a last stop at Scott's parent's house where Harper had yet another Easter basket.

We were all so tired but loved all the family time.

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