Thursday, July 7, 2011

Harper is 1 Month!

Actually, I'm behind and Harper turned 1 month last Saturday.

Last night, she slept in her crib for the first time and did really well. Right now, she goes to bed between 8 and 9 and then wakes up for a feeding somewhere between 2am and 4am. She then goes back to sleep until about 7 or so.

I'm giving her more formula these days since I suck at milk production. She's began to spit up alot more so If any of you mommas have any advice out there, please help me! We burp between ounces and everything. She's also had some really fussy days :(

We're having a stock the bar shower for uncle tut and aunt la this weekend so every time Harper takes a nap, I run around and try to get things done. It's very hard and the day just flies by. I also started back my masters classes this week so I've been one tired momma!

My first 4th of July!Finally, I get a smile on camera!Such a cutie.

My first pair of pants!

The lady who brought Harper into the world, Dr.Davidson!

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The Motal's said...

These days are flying by and our baby girls are growing so fast!
Harper is a doll!!!
Good luck on your Masters classes! I finished in May, and had to constantly remind myself that the end was near so that I could keep my sanity!! You can do it momma!!