Thursday, May 26, 2011

39 Weeks

I'm at 39 weeks and the arrival of our Baby Girl is just around the corner!

I've had ever sign of preterm labor except for my water breaking and the real deal. I feel like she's practically sitting in between my legs and she's so low I can actually feel my ribs again.

If Baby Girl doesn't make her appearance by June 3rd, Dr. Davidson will induce labor next weekend. I'm really hoping she'll just come on her own. We are so excited and can't wait to see what this little one looks like.

Tuesday was my official last day of school. I was trying to make it to Friday but I felt like I was pushing myself too hard. My feet belong to a Sumo Wrestler and it's getting too painful for me to walk around the school all day. I was so sad to leave my kids but I don't feel so emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day. Scott is very happy to have me back sane just for a bit as well.

Last Friday, my kids threw me a surprise baby shower and I've been such a mess that I broke down crying when I walked into the room. They were so excited to surprise me and gave me books to read to the Little Girl with special notes inside. It was so sweet and I have the most amazing kids this year.

Me at 38 Weeks


Jeff and Jen said...

So excited for you Kinsey! I cannot believe she is already almost here! We're saying prayers every day :)

Samantha Prochaska said...

Good luck Kinsey! I hope your baby girl comes on her own terms but either way at least you know she will be here soon! I'll be thinking of you!

The Motal's said...

Kinsey you look fabulous!!! Hang in there...only a few more days! Once you hear that little cry for the first time...all the misery you are in is forgotten!!!
Good luck and I'm praying your labor/delivery goes as smoothly as mine did!!
Can't wait to see pics!!