Saturday, April 9, 2011


  • We're loving our new house and LOVE our backyard. The dogs like it too!

  • Baby Girl's furniture and bedding is here and in her room! I'll post pictures once it's more complete.

  • This pregnancy has been TOUGH on my body and I have NO energy at all. It's a struggle to make it through the day and my hands and feet swell daily.

  • Two weeks ago at our 30 week appointment, Baby Girl weighed 3.2 lbs and from the ultrasound, I think she looks like me when I was a baby :) I'm at 32 weeks right now.

  • Here's some pictures I had on my camera...

    Little Nanny came to visit and of course she wanted a picture of us in front of the new house.

    Scott ripping out bushes.

    Me at 30 Weeks

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