Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twenty Weeks!

I've made it to 20 weeks and things seems to be going well! We have our big ultrasound Monday so we are super excited. We've invited the grandmas too so they can get a sneak peak of baby Friedrichs. We're praying that everything looks healthy on Monday.

This second trimester has been more enjoyable and I feel good. I just started having some discomfort at night, flipping from side to side and not being able to get fully comfortable. But, the best part is that Baby Friedrichs is definitely letting us know that he/she is here. The baby gets super active in the evening time and I love feeling it kick around. It's the most awesome feeling in the world and our true gift from God :)

Our house is under contract again and we're negotiating some inspection things. We're going to look at a few houses tomorrow so hopefully we find something that we fall in love with. I'm super stressed about this and want to have the new house ready for the baby.

My master's program also starts back up this week. Not excited, but only a few semesters left.

I'll update Monday, once we found out what Baby Friedrichs is!

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Lauren said...

You look so cute Kinsey!