Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Baby Video

I'm posting a link to one of my most favorite photopher's of all times blog.

Actually, I've never even met her but I started reading her blog about two years ago and absolutly love her photography.

I would do anything for her to take my baby's newborn pictures but since she just happens to live in Missouri, it won't be possible.

Before you check out this post and video, you may want to read this post that I posted last April. This sweet family lost their baby Seamus last April and recently welcomed a new baby into their family.

Now, check out the new post and video. I cried and cried but that may be just because I'm 5 months pregnant and very emotional. It truly is a beautiful video about a beautiful family.

Jodie and her partner have done a wonderful job documenting this family's sweet adventure. Here's a link to new baby Mac's newborn session. So Sweet!

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Jodie Allen said...

Hi Kinsey! First, thanks for the super sweet comment earlier! And second, what a HUGE surprise for me to click over and see your incredible post! :) Thanks for spreading the word about the Johnstons! They can always use as many prayers as they can get!

I'll email you more later about your photos! :)