Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Appointment

December 27th we had our 17 week appointment.

It was a bit scary at first because the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat right away but after moving around a little she was able to pick of Baby's heartbeat. Dr.Davidson said that Baby was moving around alot and gave us a few kicks as she had the Doppler on me. Heartbeat was 155. At night, I feel Baby moving around a little bit but they're just little flutters.

When we got married, Scott always told me he wanted to name out first born son Hondo. Hondo Crouch was Texas Legend and known as the"Clown Prince of Luckenbach". I always laughed and said whatever but now our baby has become "Hondo" to our family and friends. We will not really give our baby the name Hondo but the little thing already has a nickname (keeping with Friedrichs tradition).

Our 2o week appointment is scheduled for January 17th and this is when we will find out what Hondo really is!
18 Week Picture

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