Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Girl Friedrichs' Pictures

Here are some awesome pictures of our sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Update

We had our appointment with the specialist today and things seem to be very good. The doctor examined the "spot" on our baby girl's heart and said that it was a benign area that would most likely heal on its own. She assured us that she sees this often. Dr. Chapman also said that since our baby girl is growing exactly on schedule and looks perfectly normal that we should not worry or even follow up with this spot on her heart.

We are elated with this good news and want to thank everyone for all the words of encouragement and prayers you sent our way. God is good!

We did get some great pictures of her and I'll scan them in when I have more time. Her sweet little face looks so perfect!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Reveal

We are having a BABY GIRL!!!

She was hiding it from us the whole time and finally toward the end of the appointment, she revealed her little parts. We are so excited and I'm in shock! She is a very active little thing and we couldn't quite get a profile shot but got other fun shots of her staring straight at us. She was also giving us a thumbs up :) I already love her so much!

Our doctor is sending us to a specialist in a couple weeks because she saw a little "flicker" in our baby girl's heart. The doctor said most likely it's nothing but would like to get a second opinion on it. Dr. Davidson told me no to worry, but of course I am. Hopefully, we know more in a few weeks.

Scott, in shock, about having a girl....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twenty Weeks!

I've made it to 20 weeks and things seems to be going well! We have our big ultrasound Monday so we are super excited. We've invited the grandmas too so they can get a sneak peak of baby Friedrichs. We're praying that everything looks healthy on Monday.

This second trimester has been more enjoyable and I feel good. I just started having some discomfort at night, flipping from side to side and not being able to get fully comfortable. But, the best part is that Baby Friedrichs is definitely letting us know that he/she is here. The baby gets super active in the evening time and I love feeling it kick around. It's the most awesome feeling in the world and our true gift from God :)

Our house is under contract again and we're negotiating some inspection things. We're going to look at a few houses tomorrow so hopefully we find something that we fall in love with. I'm super stressed about this and want to have the new house ready for the baby.

My master's program also starts back up this week. Not excited, but only a few semesters left.

I'll update Monday, once we found out what Baby Friedrichs is!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Baby Video

I'm posting a link to one of my most favorite photopher's of all times blog.

Actually, I've never even met her but I started reading her blog about two years ago and absolutly love her photography.

I would do anything for her to take my baby's newborn pictures but since she just happens to live in Missouri, it won't be possible.

Before you check out this post and video, you may want to read this post that I posted last April. This sweet family lost their baby Seamus last April and recently welcomed a new baby into their family.

Now, check out the new post and video. I cried and cried but that may be just because I'm 5 months pregnant and very emotional. It truly is a beautiful video about a beautiful family.

Jodie and her partner have done a wonderful job documenting this family's sweet adventure. Here's a link to new baby Mac's newborn session. So Sweet!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary today!

Happy Anniversary Scott! Love you Big Times.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Please pray for comfort and peace for Brandon. It seems as though his journey is coming to an end.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Appointment

December 27th we had our 17 week appointment.

It was a bit scary at first because the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat right away but after moving around a little she was able to pick of Baby's heartbeat. Dr.Davidson said that Baby was moving around alot and gave us a few kicks as she had the Doppler on me. Heartbeat was 155. At night, I feel Baby moving around a little bit but they're just little flutters.

When we got married, Scott always told me he wanted to name out first born son Hondo. Hondo Crouch was Texas Legend and known as the"Clown Prince of Luckenbach". I always laughed and said whatever but now our baby has become "Hondo" to our family and friends. We will not really give our baby the name Hondo but the little thing already has a nickname (keeping with Friedrichs tradition).

Our 2o week appointment is scheduled for January 17th and this is when we will find out what Hondo really is!
18 Week Picture


Can't believe another year has come and gone. We spent the New Year in Kerrville with Scott's family.

Thanking God for all 2010 brought and looking forward to 2011. It was a bittersweet year and with lots of highs and a few lows. Will always remember 2010 was the year I married my husband. We unexpectedly found out we were pregnant in June and soon after lost our little poppy seed. Early September we found out we were pregnant again and have had no complications so far. Very thankful for this special gift of life. My brother and Alyson and cousin Jenna also got married this past year!

Happy New Year to all! Wishing a year of many blessings!!!

Elaine and Jake in Fredricksburg

The Husband and I

Hemi and Tut playing in Fredricksburg

Friedrichs' Family

Scott and I rode out to Leakey one day. Here are a few pictures from the beautiful Hill Country.

Wonderful Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and actual had 5 different Christmases!! We spent Christmas Eve with my family and began at my Mom and Dad's House, then to Memo and Popo's for Hoffman Christmas and we ended at Nanny and Papa's for Mahalitc Christmas. We even went to Midnight Mass. It was a very special day and it was so nice to celebrate it with Scott.

Christmas morning we got up early, checked our stockings and then headed off to Tomball. We had lunch at Memaw's and then went to Lita and Rictopher's for the evening. Another great and special day!

Baby Friedrichs received his or her first package of newborn diapers from Auntie Jenna and Uncle Dawid. Mom and Lita also gave Baby his or her first sock monkeys.

Christmas Dinner at Greeks with some of the special ladies!

Skylar with her "way too small" Christmas outfit on.

Our little fam.

"Fat Cat" aka Toby

Memo and Popo with Grandkids

Mom & Dad and Us

Nanny and Papa and Grandkids

Mom & Dad and kids

Froehlich Grandkids at Meem's House

Baby Friedrichs' Mini First Stocking
In-Laws Scoobert and Skylar
Honey Baby