Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Can't believe December is already here! Time has been flying by and we only have 2.5 weeks until our Holiday Break!

My master's classes end on December 6th which I couldn't be more happier about! I've already started volunteering in my library before, during and after school in order to obtain my 130 hours of librarian internship. I'm very tired and really looking forward to the break.

Baby Friedrichs is doing great and we heard the heartbeat again on Monday. It sounded strong and fast. We have officially decided to find out the sex and I think that will happen sometime after Christmas. I'll be 14 weeks Friday and I'm definitely rocking a bump nowadays. I'll have to post a picture soon. Clothing for work is always a chaotic mess in the morning and I've found very creative ways to mix, match and layer. I'm already starting to feel more achy while at school and I can't get up and down off the floor as easily. It should be interesting teaching wild third graders in May while I'm 9 months pregnant :)

Our house went under contract after only being on the market for 3 days and then sadly the buyer backed out last week. I was very upset but can only hope that the next buyer is right around the corner.

These two sweet angels are snoozing in bed with me while I work :) I walked into the room the other day and found them in this adorable pose.

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