Saturday, November 20, 2010

Young Adult TV Programs

Finally coming to an end for this semester!!!!!!!!!

16& Pregnant and Teen Mom- Young Adult TV Programs

I have actually watched these two MTV programs for quite awhile now. They are about teenagers who become pregnant and decisions they make after. I feel the shows do a pretty good job showing what real life is like and that having a baby while being a teen is not all that easy.

Many of the Moms the show highlights, have help from family or other people. It disturbs me to see many of these "Teen Moms" so unappreciative and immature about some of the decisions they make. I do appreciate that the show reflects the good, the bad and the ugly of teen pregnancy. Usually, the Moms give their true feelings on how things truly are which may be eye opening to some teenagers watching.

Commericals during these programs are geared towards teens and prevention of teen pregnancy. They provide information and hotlines to help those in need.

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