Saturday, November 20, 2010

Young Adult TV Programs

Finally coming to an end for this semester!!!!!!!!!

16& Pregnant and Teen Mom- Young Adult TV Programs

I have actually watched these two MTV programs for quite awhile now. They are about teenagers who become pregnant and decisions they make after. I feel the shows do a pretty good job showing what real life is like and that having a baby while being a teen is not all that easy.

Many of the Moms the show highlights, have help from family or other people. It disturbs me to see many of these "Teen Moms" so unappreciative and immature about some of the decisions they make. I do appreciate that the show reflects the good, the bad and the ugly of teen pregnancy. Usually, the Moms give their true feelings on how things truly are which may be eye opening to some teenagers watching.

Commericals during these programs are geared towards teens and prevention of teen pregnancy. They provide information and hotlines to help those in need.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 Weeks and Growing

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks! I've started feeling better this last week and am so thankful for that.
(This is a horrible picture of me after a long day of work but you get the point that I'm growing.)
We have also put our house up for sale this week. We are praying for a fast sale but know the markets slow.

Things are busy as ever with work and I'm just counting down the days until Thanksgiving break! I'm coming to the end of my school semester and have been approved to start working on my 130 hours of library internship. I see a busy Spring semester ahead of me :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teen Recommendations

I asked book recommendations from two teenage sisters. One is a Freshman in High School and the other is a Junior. They both said they love books by Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult. They said one of their current favorites is the The Last Song. I'm not sure if these book are exactly "young adult" literature but I went with their recommendations anyway.

I chose a book by Jodi Picoult since I have already read two books by Nicholas Sparks.I chose the book My Sister's Keeper and surprisingly it was not a good read to me. It was very hard to get through and it seems as though the author was just dragging the reader along. It was a slow book and I found this interesting since this type of read is one of my favorites. It was almost painful to get through the end!

This book is about a girl that was born with a rare type of leukemia and struggles her whole life battling it. Her parents purposely conceive another child in order to use some of her organs and blood when needed. The younger daughter finds out that she was born to save her sister's life and revolts against her parents and family. She tries to sue her parents for "using" her without her authorization. There are many small stories that go along in the book and an interesting and almost unrealistic ending.

I was not pleased with this book at all.The authors of these books appeal to young teenage girls because of the sweet story lines. There is almost always a love story involved that ends happily. Many producers have also started turning the books into movies which I'm sure is also very appealing to them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I chose Becoming Billie Holiday for no particular reason but enjoyed this nontraditional biography read. The author tells Billie Holiday's story through poetic verses as well as several illustrations that portray her life. The illustrations have very few colors which seem to dramatize the meanings. I could see how a person very interested in Billie Holiday and her music would truly enjoy and appreciate this book. It is a beautiful, easy read about an African American that encountered many hardships throughout her life.

Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors without Borders was one of the most nontraditional biographies/memoirs I have ever seen. The book includes real photos from journalists and photographers that traveled to Afghanistan during very dangerous and tough times, however; it also includes graphic illustrations presented in a graphic novel type of setting. Personally, I would have rather the book be told only through photographs...the graphic illustrations kind of threw me off. I understand that the book was written by a collaboration of people and it was their goal to tell the story of this sad country through a nontraditional way. It was one of my least favorite reads this semester.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We're having a baby!!

Baby Friedrichs at 9 Weeks

Today after two months of waiting, we finally were able to see our little baby on an ultrasound. Everything looks great and the little babe was moving around like crazy. The heartbeat sounded great and you could actually see it's little feet and big head. It was so awesome and we are very excited!! This is going to be an interesting journey but something we've wanted long before we even got married.

Our due date is June 3rd so I hope to make it through the school year. We'll keep you updated!