Saturday, October 2, 2010

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

*Warning* This book is graphic by all means. You have to prepare yourself. I struggled about posting it but it's part of my assignment and grade.

To be honest, this book was very disturbing. I had a hard time reading it and it truly made me so angry. It is about a girl who is abducted at the age of 10 by a horrible man. He sexually abuses her in ways that are so incredibly wrong. He molds her into "his little girl" and even renames her Alice. He is sickly obsessed with little girls and refuses to feed her so she cannot mature. He controls everything she does and threatens to kill her family if she leaves or reports him. Alice knows that he is capable of murder because of stories he has shared with her about his past "little girl". When ALice turns 15, he suggest that he is ready to welcome another "little girl" into his home and seeks the help of Alice.

I probably would not have picked to read this book if I knew what it was about before I starting reading. It was so disturbing and vivid. I hate the man in this book and it hunts me to know that there are truly people like this in the world.

The characters in this book seem to be of a white race and lower class. I don't think this books is appropriate for most high school students. I could see a mature senior reading it but you have to be prepared for it. It will anger you.

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