Thursday, October 7, 2010

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels are very popular right now. Basically, it's a book written and told by illustrations and few words (similar to a comic book). I am not of fan of them but if it gets a student to read, I'm all for it. The Twilight Saga books are even producing a series of graphic novels.

I randomly chose my readings this week with no real reason. Graphic Novels are not choice of books but I could see their appeal to children and young adults. They're easy to read and visually appealing. I struggled with looking at the pictures or text first, but after reading it, I adjusted well.

Skim was an interesting graphic novel and the story line really caught me by surprise! I didn't think you could address serious topics within I graphic novel but I was proven incorrect. Before reading , I had no idea what the book would be about, but thought it was an ""ok" graphic novel that would appeal to teenage girls dealing with depression and the pressure of high school life.

The issues of homosexuality, suicide and high school cliches are also addressed within this story. It's a heavy book and I would only recommend this book for high school students.The contributors to this books are both Canadian born and the story actually takes place in Canada and makes reference to the United States.

Again, I chose this book for no real reason. This book was very hard for me to get through, however, I could see it appealing to middle school students especially boy. It's adventurous and very visually appealing. I did find it hard to follow and would not recommend this book for struggling readers.

It's an adventurous graphic novel about two boys that are invited to visit their aunt on the island of Kocalaha, their mother’s birthplace. They travel into a volcano that is erupting and ironically find their mother who they assume has died. They discover that their family is fighting over treasure that is hidden somewhere within the volcano. They risk their lives and overcome fears.

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