Friday, September 24, 2010

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

This book is about a young teenager named Lucy who is raised by her foster parents. On prom night, she is tragically raped by her high school date and weeks later finds that she is pregnant. She is cursed by her birth family and generations before her. She must complete three impossible tasks or her unborn baby (who she has decided to keep) will be born under a spell of madness. The book focuses on her unending love and support from her foster parents and life long friend, Zach which blooms into a beautiful romance.

I picked this book because the story line seamed appealing even though it's considered a fantasy novel. I actually really enjoyed this book because of it's suspense and romance as well as the contemporary setting. To me, it doesn't seem like a "true" fantasy book. It's a cross over between fantasy, suspense and romance.

The author of this book is a caucasian middle age woman and the main character Lucy seem to be caucasian as well. Lucy is 17, Zach a couple years older and her foster parents are middle age.

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