Tuesday, August 3, 2010

12 Random Thoughts and a Confession

Just noticed this is a SUPER long post.

1. My old blog design is back (temporarily). I've got some ideas but I'm waiting on some help and it looks like it might be awhile so I thought this was better than the white screen.

2. Baby Keegan is home and doing great. He's gaining weight and eating like a champ. Hopefully his leg and hip brace will do the trick and he won't have to get full casts on his legs.

3. I am getting super excited about school. I'm always ready to go back once August rolls around. I've seen my roster and can't wait to meet my kids. We have meet the teacher August 20th and the kids come August 23rd. I'm very excited about working with my 3rd grade team this year and one of my favorite friend's is coming back to Rosehill this year. It's going to be a GREAT year!

4. Today is my final day to submit my master class projects. Summer One classes were enjoyable, however, I've struggled with Summer Two and it looks like I'm going to pull a B in one class. For some reason that is really bothering me. Really, I'm tired of these classes and all I want to do is to get back into my classroom.

5. We have been contemplating about putting the house on the market and even had the realtor come out. She loved the house but the neighborhood is moving really slow so I think we might delay our decision.

6. At times, I can't help but to think about our little poppy seed we lost this summer. I would have been starting my second trimester last Friday. February 20th would have been the due date.

7. My mom's having laser eye surgery Friday. I'm a little nervous for her, but they do these things everyday. We also met with a contractor last month and talked about a kitchen/dining redo in their house. I was happy she let me put some input into the project. I can't wait for them to begin. I hope to have some time to do some painting for her.

8. We've had some wonderful mini vacations this summer and I feel so fortunate to have wonderful family and friends to do this with. God has blessed us with some AWESOME people. I really need to post some pictures of some of our adventures.

9. For Christmas, I asked Scott to get me a really "good" camera. Not just a point and shoot but one that I actually have to learn. I think this is something I'm really interested in.

10. Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace? If not, google it. It's worth it and you'll be so happy you did. Scott and I took the class before we got married and I learned a lot about money and saving.

11. I've started Weight Watchers again and lost 5 lbs the first two weeks but gained 1.5 lbs this past week. I am determined to lose some of this major weight I have gained. I'm working on getting my eating down and then moving into the fitness part. I've been working out with trainer for the past year and actually gained weight. I guess I didn't have the eating part down.

12. We have tons of showers and weddings coming up and I'm super excited to get to see my friends a lot soon! We also have some FUN bachelorette weekends planned. I love when people get married.

We got married January 9th, 2010 ( 7 months ago) and I still have 50 thank you cards to write. I feel TERRIBLE and embarrassed about this. I don't want people to think we don't' appreciate them. We TRULY do, I've just really SUCKED as this.

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