Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love summer!

Just returned from a few days in Port Aransas and I'm nice and tanned. It was very relaxing and the weather was HOT, HOT, HOT.

Few recommendations:

Pizzeria Port "A"- I know, I know; whenever I go to the beach I want seafood, but after a while I need something other than fried. This little pizza joint blew me away. Great cheese sticks, awesome calazones, large assortment of pizza and FRESH salad bar. A+ Rating.

The Beach Lodge- Located on the beach, they open for breakfast, serve cold drinks all throughout the day and have a full menu. Supposedly, its one of the last authentic beach bars in the US. Don't expect "top notch" facilities. It's pretty raunchy lookin' but it's great to eat right on the beach and have a totty or two. We had breakfast here out last morning and walked from our hotel. A Rating.


The news of John and Kate plus 8 saddens me. I have been a faithful viewer since the beginning and I will continue to watch. I feel so sorry for Kate and the kids. John make me mad. He needs to go with his bad self, two earrings and new tattoo. Whatever!


I've been busy wedding planning and working at the dental office. Looking forward to a friend's wedding this weekend and a trip to Lake Conroe for the 4th of July.


Have I mentioned, I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

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