Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogs Worth Reading

A few blogs I like to read...

These are just a few and basically my favorites. I have more that I read, however, this is a start. I have an account with Google Reader and I just visit that site to see what blogs have been updated. I only visit blogs once they have been updated. I don't waste my time everyday visiting every site. If you read blogs, I highly recommend Google Reader.

Confession of a CF Husband
The blog that got me hooked. His wife lives with Cystic Fibrosis and while she was preparing for a double lung transplant she miraculously found out she was pregnant. Baby Gwyneth Rose was born 15+ weeks early and is healthy and thriving today. Tricia (the mom) had the double lung transplant is breathing beautifully with new lungs today. ALSO, she has recently fought a battle against cancer. This family is beautiful and proof that God is full of miracles. About God, life, and Gratitude.

A Mom and her Camera
-A creative mom that has 3 young children and she's an awesome photographer. About life and photography.

Be Strong and Courageous
- A young Mom who lives with her family in New Zealand. She recently lost her son to rare disease called "occipital encephalocele". She just had a little girl recently.

My Charming Kids
-Mother to 4 small children whose youngest is battling a heart condition. In need of lots of prayers!

Steece's Pieces
-Way cute family with quadruplets from Texas.

Schmitt Photography
-My wedding photographer's blog.

Lisa Leonard Online
-Creative Mom and jewelry designer. I've ordered some pieces and they are awesome. She has 2 beautiful boys.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins
Hip mom that has 4 little boys and two sweet baby girls!

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