Friday, December 26, 2008

Wedding Bells!!

Yes, we're finally engaged and so happy! It's amazing and feels so great!

The engagement:
Scott was in Nada for Christmas Eve and went back to Tomball that night. I was supposed to head to Tomball Christmas Day for his family's Christmas but I was feeling a little sick. So I woke up and headed to church with Mom Christmas morning. I was feeling okay by that time and headed to Tomball.

We opened presents with his family at their house and then Scott and I went to our house to exchange our gifts in our new house. He opened all his presents first and then told me to open my gifts. He wanted me to open a specific gift first and so I did. When I opened it, it was a big decorative "F" that I originally was going to give to his mom for Christmas but decided not to. When Scott and I were discussing the "F", I joked with him and told him that maybe one day I could hang it in my house. So, when I opened the present and saw the "F", I was confused and when I looked up he was on his knee and told me that he loved me very much and asked if I would marry him! I was shocked and didn't say anything! He had to ask me three times before I realized he was for real!! We put the ring on and if fit perfectly! Did I mention that the ring is absolutely gorgeous!

We are both so happy and cannot wait to be husband and wife!

Kinsey Friedrichs!

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