Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today was my first official day for Tomball ISD. We have mandatory training meetings all week which amounts to lots boring meetings. Next week we'll be at our home campus more but I still have so much to do in my classroom. Not sure what I'm supposed to have/do in my classroom but I need more so I'm not posting pictures yet. I'm feeling the pressure and just nervous about the kids starting because I feel like I have no idea what to do!

This past weekend Scott and I went to Kerrville. We haven't been there all summer and I figured it would be my last Friday off so we left on Friday and were back Sunday. It was a short but relaxing trip. Oh how I miss the hill country.
I took pictures but haven't downloaded them yet. Honey was a little warrior princess and chased a huge herd of Axis deer. It was so cute seeing her with all the deer (there was maybe 100!). I think one even kicked her because she came back with a sore in her ear! Don't worry, she didn't even care!

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