Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well I know I promised updates over the weekend but obviously I did not do what I promised.
We have just been extremely busy. Scott and I were just talking about everything we "want" to do with our house/yard but by the time we get home from work/school we are just exhausted. I plan everyday to decorate, blog, get busy but when I get home and sit down I'm done for the evening :( I need motivation and energy!

Okay, so I need to start attending my Watch Watchers meeting again. I have not been to a meeting or followed the program since March. I think if I write it here that I need to go and say that I will go, I might feel more pressure and actually do it. So that's my goal and you're my motivation.

I got lots of fun things coming up in the months to come. I've got a few mini vacations planned, baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, a birthday and a few other things. I'm excited and ready to see my friends who I miss so much.

My PPR classes have been going really great on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The teacher is super sweet and the class is very inspirational and it assures me that teaching is my calling. I told Scott he would think we're ridiculous if he were to come to a class. Sometimes we get very deep and everyone is such an inspiration. It's always a long day but very enjoyable.

The other days I work in Scott's dads office. They are becoming a paperless office and so lots of things need to be scanned into the computer. Its busy work but I actually have fun and like being around the people.

I think that's it for my random thoughts for the day.

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