Friday, May 23, 2008


I received my unofficial score report today and it said I PASSED my content exam for teaching!!!! I was so nervous because when I took the test yesterday I really thought I didn't do well. It was tricky and SO long. BUT I got the news today that I PASSED! YAHOOOOO!

Now I have a better chance of getting a job and basically i'm a certified teacher! I have another exam (PPR) but I can be hired and will take that at the end of the summer.

Tuesday I had a photoshoot with Roxi. Here's some of the pics!

Before my exam yesterday, my mom had these beautiful flowers delivered. I LOVE flowers and these are really pretty! Thanks Mom & Dad :)

We're heading to Kerrville for the weekend. Scott will be here this evening to pick me up and then we're off to Kerrville! YEAH for sun ,fun and good times! When we come back Monday, we'll get the remaining things I have left in Austin and then I will have officially moved to Tomball!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 3-day weekend!

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